How to Upload

Hy Everyone Vecpixel is the largest website in the world for Free Vectors and templates, in PSD, Ai, EPS, and Cdr file download where you can get copyright-free images. I will tell you step by step the complete method of uploading pictures and vectors on this website. First, you have to create an account, and for that, you have to click on the login menu, and now you have to click on create account, and create an account. 

Now the first thing you have to do is to enter or type the Username and Email address
For Example Username: exmaple123

And then you have to add your country and phone number and also you have to type in the password, after that, you have to solve the I'm no robot captcha click on I agree with Privacy Policy, and click on register. And then a 6-digit verification code will be sent to your mobile number and email. You have to paste or type that 6-digit code up there and submit it.  Now what you have to do is fill out the user data form First Name, Last name, address, state, zip code, city, and then click on submit. 

And then your dashboard will be shown in front of you. In this Dashboard, your Balance, Deposit, withdrawal, Referral bonus, Earnings, Resources, etc. will be shown. 

Under the Dashboard in the sidebar will be Collection, Download History, Manage Image, Finance, Referral, Support Ticket, and Account Show. And all of them have more options they can look up.

By going to the Account option and clicking on profile settings, you have to set your profile and cover picture. Now I will tell you how you can upload Images and vectors on this website

How to Upload  

Video Link: How to Upload Photo Vectors and Video Click Here: how to upload

At the top right side, you will see the upload button click on it. Before uploading the file, you will see the Download button above, Download this TXT file. This is the TXT file that you have to include in the zip file when you upload it. 

Before uploading a file you need to check whether you are uploading a .jpg .png or vectors files uploading. First, we show you how to upload a JPG file.  First of all, you have to upload the main thumbnail which should have the Size and Resolution and the pixels should be optimal.

Thumbnail Resolution and Size: for Example 1024*768px / 1550*1100px / 2000*1520px / 1900*1600px / 1920*2200px / 1920*1500px. The thumbnail size can be any size but pixel and resolution should be good minimum should be less than 200 KB

After that, you have to type the title which is 100 keywords and after that, you have to choose Category and after that, you have to choose Extension, for example, .jpg, .png who are uploading. And after that, you have to include a maximum of 50 Tags related to your image. After that, you have to go to Pricing set - 1 and here you have to type the resolution. Here you have to add the Resolution, you have to add the Original image, not the size add of the thumbnail. 

After that, you have to convert your original file and the TXT file you downloaded from there into a Zip file and upload it in the zip file option. Original File Size Maximum 50MB less than. Formats:  JPG / Png / Eps / Cdr / AI / PSD, Etc.

TXT file + Orignal JPg file and Vectors file Incluid into convert Zip file and Upload Zip file* Option.

Zip File Size: Maximum should be less than 50MB

After that, you have to enable in status option, and after that, you have to go to the Premium / Free options you want to keep your photos free or Premium it is your choice.  If you want to select an option, then below you have the option of price, you can set the price according to your wish. 

After that there is a Description option below, you can write a related description of your image from 150 to 200 keywords. After that, you have to click submit. After that, your file will go to pending, and after that, you can go to the main Image option and see Pending Images, Rejected Images, and Approved Images.

Please read carefully before uploading
For uploading please select or drop your original image into the drop zone. Also, Preview Thumbnail Upload JPG, PNG file Minimum 100KB to 200KB Must Have Good Pixels. You have to Upload the Original JPG, PNG, AI, Eps, CDR, and PSD Files in high resolution in the Zip file convert and then in the zip file section upload it. Otherwise, your image won't be approved.

Please download this TXT file and include it in your zip.

Also, if you have any questions or need any help, you can contact the support team.

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