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We claim all authority to dismiss, end, or handicap any help with or without cause per administrator discretion. This is a Complete independent facilitating, on the off chance that you misuse our ticket or Livechat or emotionally supportive network by submitting solicitations or protests we will impair your record. The solitary time you should reach us about the seaward facilitating is if there is an issue with the worker. We have not many substance limitations and everything is as per laws and guidelines. Try not to join on the off chance that you intend to do anything contrary to the guidelines, we do check these things and we will know, don't burn through our own and your time by joining on the off chance that you figure you will have the option to sneak by us and break the terms.

  • Configuration requests - If you have a fully managed dedicated server with us then we offer custom PHP/MySQL configurations, firewalls for dedicated IPs, DNS, and httpd configurations.
  • Software requests - Cpanel Extension Installation will be granted as long as it does not interfere with the security, stability, and performance of other users on the server.
  • Emergency Support - We do not provide emergency support / Phone Support / LiveChat Support. Support may take some hours sometimes.
  • Webmaster help - We do not offer any support for webmaster related issues and difficulty including coding, & installs, Error solving. if there is an issue where a library or configuration of the server then we can help you if it's possible from our end.
  • Backups - We keep backups but we are not responsible for data loss, you are fully responsible for all backups.
  • We Don't support any child porn or such material.
  • No spam-related sites or material, such as email lists, mass mail programs, and scripts, etc.
  • No harassing material that may cause people to retaliate against you.
  • No phishing pages.
  • You may not run any exploitation script from the server. reason can be terminated immediately.
  • If Anyone attempting to hack or exploit the server by using your script or hosting, we will terminate your account to keep safe other users.
  • Malicious Botnets are strictly forbidden.
  • Spam, mass mailing, or email marketing in any way are strictly forbidden here.
  • Malicious hacking materials, trojans, viruses, & malicious bots running or for download are forbidden.
  • Resource and cronjob abuse is forbidden and will result in suspension or termination.
  • Php/CGI proxies are strictly forbidden.
  • CGI-IRC is strictly forbidden.
  • No fake or disposal mailers, mass mail, mail bombers, SMS bombers, etc.
  • NO CREDIT OR REFUND will be granted for interruptions of service, due to User Agreement violations.

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In the digital era, the demand for high-quality images and vectors has surged, giving rise to a multitude of online platforms offering a vast repository of visual content. As users explore these websites, they encounter the ubiquitous Terms of Service (ToS) agreements that outline the rules and conditions governing their interaction with the platform. Additionally, many of these platforms provide users with options for free and premium subscriptions, each offering distinct benefits. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Terms of Service and explore the features of both free and premium subscriptions on image and vector websites.

Terms of Service
Terms of Service serve as the legal framework that dictates the relationship between users and a particular online platform. These agreements typically cover a range of topics, including user rights and responsibilities, content usage policies, privacy terms, and dispute resolution mechanisms. While users often skim through these agreements, understanding the ToS is crucial to ensure a harmonious and secure interaction with the platform.

Key elements found in Terms of Service agreements include:
1. **Content Usage and Licensing:** ToS agreements specify how users can use the images and vectors available on the platform. It outlines the licensing terms, such as whether the content is royalty-free, requires attribution, or is subject to any restrictions.
2. **User Responsibilities:** Users are typically required to adhere to certain guidelines while using the platform. This may include refraining from illegal activities, respecting copyrights, and maintaining the security of their accounts.
3. **Privacy Policies:** ToS agreements often detail how user data is collected, stored, and used. Understanding these policies is essential for users concerned about the privacy and security of their personal information.
4. **Termination and Suspension:** ToS agreements specify the conditions under which a user's account may be terminated or suspended. This could be due to violations of the terms, fraudulent activities, or other breaches.

Free Subscriptions: Exploring the Basics
Free subscriptions on image and vector websites provide users with access to a limited selection of content without any upfront cost. Here are some common features associated with free subscriptions:
1. **Limited Access:** Free users often have restricted access to the platform's full library. Some premium or exclusive content may be reserved for paying subscribers.
2. **Watermarked Content:** To deter unauthorized use, free subscriptions may come with watermarked images or vectors. Removal of watermarks is typically only possible through upgrading to a premium plan.
3. **Attribution Requirements:** Free subscriptions may require users to provide attribution when using the content, giving credit to the original creator.

Premium Subscriptions: Unlocking a World of Possibilities
Premium subscriptions offer an enhanced experience with additional features and benefits. Users opting for premium plans typically enjoy:
1. **Full Access:** Premium subscribers gain unrestricted access to the platform's entire collection, including premium and exclusive content.
2. **High-Resolution Downloads:** Premium plans often allow users to download high-resolution images and vectors suitable for professional use.
3. **No Watermarks:** Premium subscribers can download and use content without watermarks, providing a cleaner and more professional appearance.
4. **Enhanced Licensing:** Premium plans may offer more flexible licensing options, allowing users to use the content for commercial purposes without attribution.
5. **Priority Support:** Premium subscribers often receive priority customer support, ensuring a faster resolution of any issues or queries.

In the dynamic landscape of online image and vector platforms, understanding the Terms of Service is crucial for users to make informed decisions about their interactions. Whether opting for a free or premium subscription, users should carefully review the terms and features to align their needs with the offerings of the platform. By navigating this digital terrain with awareness, users can harness the power of visual content while respecting the rules set forth by these platforms.

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